15th June 2018 – Weekly update

Dear Parents and Carers

Preschool would like to wish all you brilliant Daddies a Happy Father’s Day and hope you enjoy the fantastic cards the children have been busy making.

What a regal week we’ve had!

Our adult led focus was kings, Queens, Prince and Princesses. We had lots of crown making, plenty of stories about wicked Queens and kings, sleeping princesses and princes who save the day! We threaded honey hoops on elastic to make bracelets and ate them for our snack!

In PE we practised hopping, jumping, running and even skipping. Played what’s the time Mr Wolf and the children told us what they want to be when they grow up. Please can you check your child’s bag, we have a plimsoll that’s gone missing.

At Forest School this week we made a castle for a royal person and sang the song ‘There was a princess long ago.’ By popular demand we had the water, spider and drain pipe out practising to flush the spider out. On one occasion the spider did a loop de loop much to the children’s enjoyment.

In cooking this week, we made biscuits and fruit salad.

In our music session on a Wednesday afternoon we had the musical instruments out singing to our favourite song finishing with a few ring games.

On Friday the fire engines were out again for most of the day.

Thank you to Megan for donating a fantastic rug for our home corner and sorting out our photos.

Thank you to Donna who sourced and collected some farm animals and buildings, the children have really enjoyed playing with them. Also a thank you to a previous Preschool family Katy, John, Chloe and Sam who donated a tractor and trailer.

Dates and Reminders


We still have not had any volunteers for the bouncy castle.

Please could you seriously consider and volunteer to take on the bouncy castle?

The bouncy castle alone can generate up to £1000 a year to help maintain, buy resources and support your child’s learning and time at Preschool. It is an essential fundraising asset. We would be extremely grateful.

There is a sign-up sheet on the easel outside Preschool for volunteers to help man the bouncy castle at Goring Primary School fete on 23rd June.

Don’t forget to fill in the Parent’s Questionnaire, it needs to be completed by 25th June.

Some of the river animals in the display at the station have escaped and moved into the village, local shops and business are displaying the animals over the weekend. Have a look to see if your child’s work is there.

This Monday 18th June in PE we have a drama group in. Please ensure a prompt drop off at afternoon session so we can be over in the hall for 1pm. Thank you.

The week of 9th and 16th July, our topic will be builders. We would love to have a few more resources to enhance the children’s play. Do you have a wheelbarrow or any high vis jackets we could borrow? From previous experience you can’t have too many!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Goring Gap festival.

It’s magical gardens next week, we still need more veg/fruit trays please.

Kind regards

Preschool staff.