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21st September 2018-Weekly Update

ear Parents and Carers

Please ensure you contact us to inform us if your child isn’t attending the session, this is important due to health and safety regulations which we need to adhere too. 

 When providing packed lunch for your children please can we stress that grapes should be cut lengthwise in half. Uncut they are the perfect size for getting stuck in a child’s throat.

Have you seen our display board in preschool? The children have been busy drawing their faces and alongside are their baby photo so the children can understand how they have grown. There have been lots of discussions about the baby photos.

This week’s adult led focused activity was investigating our senses. The children identified and tasted many different fruits. We had a wonderful selection from pineapples to lemons. The children described how the fruit tasted and learnt new words such as sour, bitter and tangy. The children tasted noodles and selection of vegetables. We bought in herbs from our garden for the children to smell, describe and illustrate in their booklets.

In PE we played the bean game followed by the popular sharks and fishes.

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we visited little Forest school. The children played hide and seek with spot the dog, made a spot the dog flap book. It was very windy on Thursday so the children had the scarves out and threw them in the air to see how high they could fly. It was amazing! A message from Kate ‘It was really lovely to meet all the new forest schoolers, who really enjoyed little forest school. Please ensure you pop their wellies in their bag and have a long sleeved top in case it’s a little chilly. Thank you.

In our music session we took turns singing ‘what’s in the box?’ children chose something out of the box and sang about it.

Friday afternoon we dodge the showers and investigated the herb garden and all helped to weed the bed, they spotted snails and bee pictures and a bird house. They bought the snail in and put him in a tray with dirt. When they went back the snail and disappeared making an escape up the wall to the windows…. I wonder why? We harvested our potatoes that were growing in the pots at the front of preschool and counted out 19.

Dates and Reminders

Fundraisers for The Autumn Term

To ensure our fundraising happens we will be looking for volunteers to help


  • The photographer will be in on Thursday 16th October. A sign-up sheet will be going up soon for you to book your slot. Chris from Darmanin studio takes wonderful photos and they are great for Christmas presents. The preschool receives a percentage of all orders. – We need volunteers to help coordinate the orders/or help on the day for a couple of hours.
  • The children are busy drawing pictures of themselves or their hand prints for our annual Christmas t-towel another great Christmas present – We need a volunteer to coordinator the orders.
  • We have a table at the craft weekend of 24th/25th November- We will need volunteers to help on both days for a couple of hours, a sign-up sheet will be going up.
  • Christmas Party is on Tuesday 11th December- We need a couple of volunteer or help set up/clear the table for the Christmas party.
  • Christmas concert Thursday 13th December- We will be having our annual Christmas raffle. Raffle tickets will be coming home for you to sell to family and friends.

Each event has its own crib sheet to follow so it easy and simple to volunteer, just let staff know which event you would like to help with. Thank you

  • Term dates

Last day of term 1 Friday 19th October 2018

First day of term 2 Monday 29th October 2018

Last day of term 2 Thursday 20th December 2018 finishing at 1.50pm

First day of term 3 Tuesday 8th January 2019

Last day of term 3 Friday 15th February 2019

First day of term 4 Monday 25th February 2019

Quizco Preschool Fundraiser Saturday 30th March 2019

Last day of term 4 Friday 5th April 2019 finishing at 1.50pm

First day of term 5 Wednesday 24th April 2019

Bank holiday Monday 8th May 2019 preschool closed

Last day of term 5 Friday 24th May 2019

First day of term 6 Tuesday 4th June 2019

Last day of term 6 Wednesday 24th July 2019 finishing at 1.50pm.

  • Have you bought in a baby photo to go with our display?
  • We would love to do some planting with the children do you have any extra bulbs or winter flowering plants you would like to donate?
  • Do you have any top soil or wooden utensils for our mud kitchen?

Next week we are looking at our emotions and feelings, a good story to read to your child is owl babies or rainbow fish. A great starting point to look at different types of emotions.

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Preschool staff


14th September- Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

A message about the Primary School Carpark.

Please do not drive into the school grounds to drop off your child/children.  The only exception to this would be in a sickness or emergency situation. There is parking nearby on the adjacent roads to the primary school and please beware not to park over resident’s driveways. Thank you.

What a busy week we’ve had!

Our adult led focus this week was bodies and growing. Each child has been making their own little booklet about themselves. The children have been busy exploring colour and paint by painting their hands and feet, lots of counting toes and fingers.  We talked and discussed how old they are, who is in their family and some children have drawn their family in their booklet.

In PE this week we practised our running and listening skills not always easy thing to do together. We introduced sharks and fishes and felt for our heart beats whilst lying on the floor. For PE please could you provide a white polo type t-shirt (easy for children with large heads) navy shorts and plimsolls. For children arriving to the session please could they have their kit underneath their clothes. We have the hall from 1pm and like to make the most of our time there. Thank you.

Kate our forest school supervisor has been in and met the children and talked to them about Oliver bear and how we should dress for the weather. We had a forest school meeting on Thursday for parents to meet Kate. Little forest school starts next week, please provide a bag with wellies (if it’s raining). If its dry sturdy shoes will be fine, a long sleeve top. As the weather gets colder please make sure they have a hat and gloves and a warm fleece or jumper.

In music this week the children joined in with action songs.

Thank you for your donations of fruit and snacks, please keep them coming!

A big thank you to Logan’s family who have built and erected a fantastic busy board in the bat cave. The children love it!

Next week the children will start to take home their favourite bag to share at group time. Please no more than 5 objects in the bag, it could be a photo, toy or favourite book the choice is up to you.

Next week we’re investigating our senses.

Have a good weekend

Kind regards

Preschool staff.

7th September 2018- Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back!

I would like to say a big welcome to our newbies, Elena, Hattie, Willow, Isaac and Arthur. It was great meeting you all at our new parents evening on Wednesday. The children seem to have settled in well and we look forward to getting to know them and their families.

Thank you to all the parents who helped clean, mend and even donate new toys to preschool, it is a real benefit and the children have loved exploring all the new clean toys.

A massive thank you to Laura, Albie’s mummy who has handmade a stickman for a story sack which can be shared with the children. We are also on the lookout for any knitters or Sewers who could help expand our story sacks for the children.

We are starting our term with the topic of ‘Ourselves.’ Over the next few weeks the children will be drawing pictures of themselves. We ask if you could provide us with a baby photo to go with their creation to decorate the big board. Each week we look at a different element of the topic such as feelings, senses, birthdays and growing up.

How this week went:

On Wednesday afternoon the children chose their favourite song either to sing on their own or with the group.

On Thursday afternoon the children were busy in the home corner playing with our new dolls house.

On Friday afternoon the children were busy making birthday cakes out of playdough, singing happy birthday pretending to blow out the candles.

Lots of children have been super busy toilet training over the holidays, please could you still pop nappy sacks and wipes in their bags for any accidents. Thankyou.

For parents whose children attend Forest school on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon. We have a meeting on Thursday 13th September at 2.30pm to meet Kate and find out about forest school and how we can support the children. Please lookout for the email with further details. Thank you.

Dates and Reminders

  • We would love any donation of bulbs or winter flowering pansies for the children to plant for the front garden.
  • Please can you ensure that your child has a named water bottle and sunhat. Thank you.
  • The staff are updating their first aid training in January 19 and have a few spaces left on the course. Would you or if you know of anyone who would like to complete our 12 hours paediatric first aid course please speak to Debbie who can give you further details on prices and timings.
  • Do you have a talent or hobby or wear a uniform for work? would you share, we always welcome parents or volunteers to share and enhance the children’s preschool experiences? After half term we are covering the topic of people who help us, and we would love some volunteers to come in.

Next week it’s all about growing and our bodies.

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Preschool staff.