28th September 2018- Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

Dates and Reminders

We have had a few children ill last week. Just to ensure no further transmission of this infection can you please abide by our policy of 48 hours since last episode of sickness and diarrhea or just diarrhea or the starting of antibiotics. Please inform your child’s key person or Supervisor of any illness as we have children who attend the setting who have low immune system. They do not have the ability to respond normally to an infection so we need to be aware of any illness. The nature of the environment means bugs are spread very easily. If your child needs calpol or a similar medicine, then they really should not be at Preschool. They recover much quicker at home.  Please ensure you contact us to inform us if your child isn’t attending the session, this is important due to health and safety regulations which we need to adhere too.  Thank you.

Fundraisers for The Autumn Term

To ensure our fundraising happens we will be looking for volunteers to help


  • The photographer will be in on Tuesday 16thOctober. A sign-up sheet will be going up soon for you to book your slot. Chris from Darmanin studio takes wonderful photos and they are great for Christmas presents. The preschool receives a percentage of all orders. – We need volunteers to help coordinate the orders/or help on the day for a couple of hours.
  • The children are busy drawing pictures of themselves or their hand prints for our annual Christmas t-towel another great Christmas present – We need a volunteer to coordinator the orders.
  • We have a table at the craft weekend of 24th/25thNovember- We will need volunteers to help on both days for a couple of hours, a sign-up sheet will be going up.
  • Christmas Party is on Tuesday 11thDecember- We need a couple of volunteer or help set up/clear the table for the Christmas party.
  • Christmas concert Thursday 13thDecember- We will be having our annual Christmas raffle. Raffle tickets will be coming home for you to sell to family and friends.

Each event has its own crib sheet to follow so it easy and simple to volunteer just let staff know which event you would like to help with. Thank you

  • Snacks donations as the weather is turning colder the children are eating more. Maybe we could have a loaf of bread or a packet of muffins/crumpets to fill their hungry tummies.
  • Have you bought in a baby photo to go with our display?
  • We would love to do some planting with the children do you have any extra bulbs or winter flowering plants you would like to donate?
  • Do you have any top soil or wooden utensils for our mud kitchen?

Our adult led focus this week was exploring and investigating our feelings and emotions. Children made faces out of paper plates looking at their facial features. We played games in group time. We looked at cards with different facial expressions such as happy, sad, angry and afraid and posted them into the correct box. We asked the children what made them happy and sad.

PE we played the game duck duck goose….lots of fun and rolled the ball to each other calling out their friends name first. We practiced our ball skills throwing and bouncing the balls with some control.

In Little Forest School this week we celebrated Moon Day with Kate. A Chinese festival celebrating the Harvest moon. Children had the story of the moon cake and we looked for shapes and objects around the grounds that were round and finished off with a mud picnic making mud cakes, wood sandwiches and water green tea. A message from Kate ‘The children were brilliant looking for round shapes around the grounds. For each round shape the children were given a token to pop in the bag. We counted the tokens aloud. We had found 32 round shapes in the environment.’

Our music session we played ring games such as the hokey cokey and farmers in his den.

On Friday it was all about Mathematics! The children drew around themselves on big pieces of paper and we measured them to see how tall they were.

Next week we are looking at health and hygiene. How we keep ourselves safe and healthy.

See you Monday

Kind regards

Preschool staff