5th October 2018-Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a busy week we’ve had!

A big thank you to Sophia, Ollie and Alan’s families who have donated some winter flowering pansies and bulbs.

  • Our adult led focus was keeping ourselves healthy. We had an activity to promote pencil control following the lines on the page of a drawing of a toothbrush. We named parts of the body in group times, had lots of hand washing, talking about germs, where germs live and how to keep clean. All supporting the children to develop a greater understanding of keeping ourselves clean and healthy.
  • PE was all about running races from hopping to skipping to jumping. The children had fun using the space to gain confidence in moving in a range of ways.
  • Forest school this week was celebrating spots birthday, children revisited previous activities to make sandwiches, cake and tea. We played party games and sang happy birthday. The Tuesday afternoon group went on the mini bus, we visited the forest school site and the train station. There was lots of singing ‘the wheels on the bus.’
  • Music session on Wednesday was all about party games, children sang and danced to musical chairs, musical statues and the hokey cokey.
  • On Friday our mud kitchen opened! It’s a lovely addition to our garden and the children loved it. Thank you to Woodcote Garden Center for supplying bark and soil for our mud kitchen at a discounted price. We do need some more top soil if anyone has some to spare? In the afternoon the children planted bulbs and flowers in the pots at the front of preschool.
  • The children have been listening to the story the fish who could wish. We asked the children if they could wish, what would they wish for…have a look at our display.
  • Have you seen the Public Health Poster about flu immunisation, helping to protect everyone every winter?

For more information visit www.nhs.uk/child-flu

Dates and Reminders

Please can you fill in and return your volunteer forms, thank you for the parents who have volunteered so far but there are lots of events that need your support so please ensure you return your form as soon as possible thank you. We urgently need volunteers for the event at the craft fair in November, can you help?

The sign-up sheet for the photographer is outside preschool on the easel. There are lots of spaces so make sure you get your slot. The photographs are simply stunning, he’s such a great photographer.

Don’t forget to bring your child’s interest and look what I’ve been doing forms. We are making a display in Preschool.

Our drop in for parents and carers returns next month

Muffins for Mums on Monday 19th November from 9-11 am

Doughnuts for Dads on Wednesday 21st November from 9-11 am

Gingerbread for Grandparents and Carers on Friday 23rd November from 9-11 am

Please let us know if you’re coming, a sign-up sheet will be going up nearer the time. It’s a great way to see what we are doing and what we’ve been up too.

Next week we looking at birthdays and growing up there will be lots of counting, making cakes and blowing out candles….

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Preschool staff