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14th June 2019-Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a wet week we’ve had! But it hasn’t stopped us from having lots of fun!

We would like to wish all those wonderful Daddies a Happy Father’s Day for Sunday.

A special welcome to Florie and her family who started this week. We hope you enjoy your time with us and look forward to getting to know you and your family.

The children have been busy this week either making a father’s day card or making trains with junk modelling. Lots of painting, sticking and mark making.  All very industrious!

In PE this week we practised our listening skills. Listening to the instruction and moving like different animals. We also practised our very fastest running. I can confirm all the children can run very fast!

In our music session this week we had the bells out. Children sat in a circle and all chose their favourite song to sing accompanied by the tuneful bells.

At little Forest School this week we had colour mixing (very popular), leaf rubbing and using treasure maps. At big Forest School we made either a log dog or log cat, giving them names and taking them for a walk around forest school. We had maps and the water chute. Children used spoons and pots to pour water down the chute seeing what could float and move with the volume of water. We also had lots of fun on the horse pretending to ride to the ice-cream shop!

Please can you let us know if your contact or collection details have changed. We need to abide by our policies and procedures. Don’t forget to let us know if your child is not attending the session. You can call us on 01491 875036 or email if it’s easier. Thank you for your cooperation.

The children have been super busy learning the songs and actions to our farewell concert.

Eloise has been in to start taking photos of the children for a Leaver’s montage.

Dates and Reminders

  • Goring Primary School visits Wednesday 10th July pm and Thursday 18th July am. If your child is attending the Goring Primary School visit on these dates and you would like Preschool to take your child across, please speak to your child’s key person. We will take over children on Wednesday afternoon but Parents or Carers will need to collect from the Primary School at the end of the session at 3pm. On Thursday we will be able to take the children across and collect to bring them back for lunch club. Without your permission we will be unable to take or collect.
  • Forest School trip Wednesday 17th July (for children who attend Forest School only.) Letters have gone out; please can you make sure you return your permission forms. Without completed permission forms your child can not attend the trip.
  • Farewell party on Friday 19th July, invitations and permission forms will be going out soon.
  • Farewell concert on Tuesday 23rd July from 2 pm in the PE Hall. invitations and permission forms will be going out soon.
  • End of Preschool Wednesday 24th July at 1.50 pm

Next week our topic is road looking at the vehicles and counting those wheels!

Have a wonderful weekend

Kind regards

Preschool staff


7th June 2019- Weekly update

Dear Parent and Carers

Welcome back and hope you’ve all had a lovely half term break.

Please can you check your child’s hair, there has been lots of scratching and follow the NHS guidelines for nits on    -thank you.

What a fun week we’ve had!

Our adult led focus this week has been air and space. Children have been busy making named rockets and cutting and sticking spaceships and astronauts. There has been lots of talk about what you find in the sky and in space.

Our music session on Tuesday was great fun. The children played party games such as musical chairs, musical statues, simple Simon and lots of dancing.

We were at little forest school on Wednesday where children used scarves. There was running and throwing them in the air and using them as blanket to pretend to be either sleeping tigers/dinosaurs or bunnies. Children practising weaving with willow to make a hanging wreath. At big forest school we practised our fire circle rules, played on the horse and in the pirate’s ship and used treasure maps to explore the environment.

On Friday what a wet day, but the children made the most of it exploring the properties of water! With lots of filling and emptying buckets using the rain water, mixing to make soup, pies and curries. In the afternoon we practised our letter sounds in our name.

Dates and Reminders

  • Please remember a named hat and drinks bottle especially in the hot weather, thank you for your cooperation.
  • Next week the lovely Eloise Radziwill will be coming in to take photos of all the children as a leaving/graduation themed photograph. She will try and take photos of all the children and once completed will bring in a sample copy.
  • The permission letter for our Forest School trip has gone out and needs to be returned as soon as possible please.
  • Look out for your invitation to our farewell party on Friday 19th July from 1-2.45pm, where we will have entertainment, party games and lots of fun. Children will need to provide their own plate of party snack, preschool will provide drinks. PLEASE REMEMBER OUR NO NUT POLICY WHEN PROVIDING YOUR CHILD’S SNACK, WE HAVE A CHILD WHO HAS A SEVERE NUT ALLERGY, THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION.

Next week we are exploring rail, with lots of trains made from junk modelling, choo choo!

Have a lovely weekend,

Kind regards

Preschool staff