Weekly Update 12th July 2019

Dear Parents and Carers

What a fun week we’ve had!

There has been lots of interest in our adult led focused activity of builder’s vehicles. We set the outside area up as a builder’s yard with lots of sand, water, spades, bricks, hard hats, hi-vis vest and of course bob the builder vehicles. Lots of digging, building and generally moving the sand from one place to another. As it’s been so popular this week we will continue it outside next week.

PE this week we used the primary school playing field where we played what’s the time Mr wolf, practised our running and played football!

In our music session the children practised our leavers songs and played various musical instruments from a pretend electric guitar to the keyboard.

The children had no Forest School on Wednesday afternoon due to the primary school visits. On Thursday we were off to the nature reserve, pretending to be builder ants singing as we walked. we saw lots of stripey caterpillars which we were told would turn into the cinnabar moths. We had big spoons in the sandpit but most popular was using the ropes to be horses or the tree horse going off to Disneyland and the beach!

Dates and Reminders

  • We are still outstanding a couple of permission slips for our Forest School trip on Wednesday. If we don’t have permission slip returned we will be unable to take your child.

o   It’s a very busy week next week.

o   Wednesday forest school trip to Sutton Courtenay educational site

o   Thursday morning the older children visit Goring Primary School.

o   Friday our fantastic farewell party at Storton Lodge, again we need permission slips returned.

  • Please can you provide a name bag for your child’s learning journey and work.
  • You should have all received a summary/leavers report by the end of Friday session. Please can you sign, comment/feedback and return so a copy can be shared with school, or for their learning journeys thank you.
  • Please can you let us know if your child and family are coming to the farewell concert on Tuesday 23rd July. We need to inform the primary school of approx. number of parents/carers to expect.
  • Please help yourself to any of the toys at the front of preschool.
  • Does anyone have any pop-up tents we could borrow on either Monday or Tuesday (22nd/23rd) We asked the children if there is anything special they would like to do and a few of the children have asked to go camping!

Next week our adult led focus activity is Summer.

Have a wonderful weekend,

See you all next week.

Kind regards

Preschool staff