Weekly update 5th July 2019

Dear Parents and Carers

What a sunny week we’ve had!

Our adult led focus was farm vehicles where children experimented with colour mixing. Most children knew or could predict what yellow and red and blue and yellow would make, but a lot were unsure about red and blue. They drove their tractors in the paint and decorated paper or cut out a tractor shape and decorated with tyre patterns.

In PE this week, it was all about balancing, children used a tall and a low narrow beam to walk along. We also practised listening for our names before running from one end of the hall to the other.

In our music session the children practised our farewell concert songs with actions and chose their favourite song to sing.

Very exciting at forest school this week, we had our first real fire and toasted marshmallows. The children made necklaces from Elder tree bark, popping out the pith and threading on a string. We played hide and seek and played a ring game. In free play there were lots pretending to be at the beach dipping our toes in the cool water.

The children have enjoyed having the water outside. Lots of transporting pots of water to the sand tray where we now have wet sand ready to build sandcastles.

Dates and Reminders

  • Unfortunately, the printer is not working so our permission letter for the party will be ready next week, we also have a letter and invitation to our farewell concert again this will be going out next week. Once you have received please can you return as soon as possible, thank you for your cooperation.
  • Please look out for your child’s end of term report which shall be going out soon.
  • Remember you need to let us know your plans regarding children visiting school on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. Please speak to me or Denise and let us know, thank you.
  • Please feel free to help yourself to the books and toys on the table outside preschool. We are started to slowly clear the toys and books. They all need to go and we would rather someone had use of them rather than binning them.
  • Can you ensure you provide a labelled hat and drinks bottle for your child? Many thanks.

Next week it’s builders! Lots of sand water and bricks.

Have a great weekend and see you next week.

Kind regards

Preschool staff