5th April 2019 – Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a busy week we’ve had!

Our adult led focus activity has been Easter. Children have been very busy gluing, sticking, painting and colouring we’ve even had the glitter out. The children have explored colour mixing with paints and were very surprised when everything turns brown.

In PE this week it was all about team games. Children were divided into teams and practised passing a ball over their head to the next person. We also played the traffic light game.

Tuesday the children made Easter nests with a couple of chocolate eggs inside. Yummy!

On Wednesday in our music session we had musical chairs, statues, bumps and lots of dancing.

Thursday was a very wet afternoon. We made the most of the weather with lots of jumping in the puddles, scooping and pouring the water. One child said they were the puddle maker. Lots of fun. We also decorated an egg shape and rolled it down the hill followed by themselves. A message from Selina ‘the children really enjoyed exploring the water and decorating an egg shape. Please can you ensure the children have named Wellington boots in a bag on their peg. Have a great break and see you after the holiday, we start back to Forest School on the week beginning 29th April.’

On Friday we had the door open all day as the group was so small. Lots of fun!

Dates and Reminders

Topics for next term. We need to ensure some of the children are secure in their colour and shape recognition, so we are starting with Mr men and little miss shapes and colours plus naming everyday 3D objects.

Summer Term April 2019


Mr Men And Little Miss Shapes Colour plus 3D shapes related to everyday objects
24.04.19 Mr Men and little Miss shapes
29.04.19 Mr Strong and Little Miss Birthday square shape red and pink
06.05.19 Mr Happy And Little Miss Sunshine circle shape yellow
13.05.19 Mr Rush and Little Miss Christmas triangle shape purple
20.05.19 Mr Grumpy And Little Miss Calamity rectangle shape green

Half Term


04.06.19 Air and space
10.06.19 Rail
17.06.19 Road
24.06.19 Sea
01.07.19 Farm vehicles
08.07.19 Builders vehicles
15.07.19 Summer
22.07.19 Summer

Thank you for all your snack donations, the children have certainly had some wonderful snacks this term. thank you for all your help and support at preschool by coming in for our open themed mornings, to the fundraising and seeing you in preschool when it was your parent session.

Finally, happy Easter have a wonderful break, and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 24th April when the summer term begins.

Kind regards

Preschool staff


29th March 2019- Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

A big thank you to all the parents and their families that attended our Extraordinary General Meeting. The staff would like to say a big thank you to Rachel who chaired a quite difficult meeting along with the support of the rest of the committee. You did an amazing job!

There will be another Extraordinary General Meeting on Thursday 25th April at 8 pm. Only members of the Preschool are allowed to vote to either vote in a new committee or vote to close and dissolve the Preschool charity. A letter will be sent out to members explaining the process.

What a busy week we’ve had!

This week as been our Doughnuts for Dads, Muffins for Mums and Gingerbread for Grandparents/Carers. Thank you to everyone who joined us to find out what we get up to. Look out for new dates for next term.

Our adult led focus this week as been mini beasts. Children have been finding out which animals are mini beasts.

The children have also been busy making Easter cards, decorating an egg shaped card using marble painting. This has been tremendously popular with them all.

In PE this week we practised rolling the ball to our friends and voting to play the popular duck duck goose game.

We been practising recognising numerals and matching quantities in group times along with the sounds of our letters in our names. The children are amazing!

On Tuesday afternoon the children made ladybird biscuits. Yummy!

On Wednesday in our music session the children sang ‘What’s in our box today, shall we have a look?’ children pulled an object out of our music box and sang about it.

On Thursday at Little Forest School the children explored and identified mini-beasts from Selina’s wormery. They used the wool which they dyed the previous week to make bees, pushing the wool into a pinecone and attaching wings. A message from Selina ‘As the weather is starting to get warmer can you ensure the children have long sleeve tops and leggings/tracky bottoms in their bag that you don’t mind getting dirty. Also I need empty egg boxes for next week please.’

On Friday we had the mud kitchen open and lots of mixing and baking going on!

Dates and Reminders

  • Only 1 more sleep till our cheesy Quizco. A big thank you to our fundraising team and Denise who have been working behind the scenes organising everything.  There will be a bar, raffle, quiz and disco along with a tasty snack of cheeses, bread and nibbles.
  • A big thank you to Logan’s Daddy who has painted and put together our giant weighing scales for the garden. There has already been lots of exploring the weights of everyday objects found in the garden.
  • Please can you check your child’s bag for a missing hat. It’s a blue and red Lightning McQueen cap with the name Kew inside. Thank you.
  • Finally, we wish you lovely Mummies a Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday. We hope you enjoy the card and gift the children made, you deserve it!
  • Don’t forget the clocks go forward this weekend!

Next week the topic is Easter.

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Preschool staff

22nd March 2019 – Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a fun week we’ve had!

Our adult led focus this week as been pond life. Children practised their cutting skills following along a line and sequencing the order the life froglets. Most of the children said they haven’t seen frog spawn before. When you’re out and about perhaps you could look out in nearby ponds and point it out to them.

On Monday in our PE session it was all about hula hoops. first we did a warm up with a music CD with lots of dancing and wriggling. The children used the hoop as a car navigating around the hall not bumping into each other. All the children were superstars; they were really good at listening to the instructions.

On Tuesday we practice our singing and we mixed and stirred making cakes and soup in our mud kitchen. Yummy!

On Wednesday in our music session we went into the garden were we played ring games and sang with bells.

On Thursday at little forest school this week it was all about frogs and toads. Children decorated a picture of a toad or frog with grass. We played frog skittles and used turmeric to dye sheep’s wool in a bucket ready for next week. A message from Selina ‘ We looked and found out the differences between and frog and a toad, and the children loved the frog skittles and we named the frog Lily.’

On Friday the children decorated and made a special present.

Dates and Reminders

  • Don’t forget our EGM on Tuesday at 8 pm in Preschool. Please could all parents attend and find out about the future of preschool. There is a sign up form on the desk.
  • The tickets for the cheesy quiz night are selling fast. You can purchase your tickets at preschool. It should be a fun time with a quiz, cheesy music, delicious food and bar with a raffle on the night.  We do need helpers with the bar.  There is a sign-up sheet on the easel outside preschool.
  • Next week its Doughnuts for Dads on Tuesday 26/03/19, Muffins for Mums on Wednesday 27/03/19 and Gingerbread for Grandparents and Carers on Thursday 28/03/19. Let us know if you can come, it would be great to see you so we can show you what we get up too. Pop in anytime from 9 – 11 am.
  • Term finishes on Friday 5th April at 1.50 pm. Don’t forget the early pickup.

Next week it’s all about mini-beasts. Let’s hope we can find some, the weather has been a little cold recently.

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Preschool staff

15th March 2019 – Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

What an exciting week we’ve had!

Our adult led focused activity this week was farm animals. Children identified and named mummy and baby animals. They had to practice their pen control drawing a line from the mummy to the baby. They also made a pig and learnt the names for a daddy and mummy pig.

In PE the children practiced their listening skills by playing the bean game and sharks and fishes.

On Tuesday afternoon the children visited Towse Court Retirement Home. A huge thank you to our parent helpers without you we wouldn’t have been able to go. A big thank you to Yvette Gordon-Potts who organised Towse Court side of the visit. The children and residents joined in with our hello song, we took our nursery rhyme bag choosing a song to sing. the children and residents decorated with tissue paper a sheep or butterfly and shared story books. We finished with the popular room on the broom story with props. We had 4 of the children saying they didn’t want to go back to preschool, they wanted to stay. A very popular trip! Feedback from the retirement home ‘When can you come and visit us again? We loved it!’

On Wednesday in music time the children sat in a circle on chairs and choose from the nursery rhyme sack their favourite song to sing.

At little forest school this week we took advantage of the windy weather, children made paper kites and wind sticks. There was lots and I mean lots of running around, some very happy, exhausted children at the end of the day.  A message from Selina ‘The children really enjoyed our windy day at Little Forest School, please make sure you put welly boots in their bag, thank you’

On Friday we had lots of outside play and painting.

Dates and Reminders

You should have all received your letter/email from Rachel about the future of Preschool. It is a very serious matter and we would like all parents to attend the Extraordinary General Meeting on Tuesday 26th March 8 pm at Preschool. There is a sign-up sheet on the desk to let us know you’re coming. Thank you.

Tickets are now on sale for our Cheesy Quizco on Saturday 30th March. You can purchase your tickets from our fundraising committee throughout the week at drop-off or pick up. Tickets are £12.50 each and doors open at 7.30 pm. Let them know if you would like a table, or want to join a table, they will be able to help you out. It should be a great night out!

Please make sure you provide a named drinks bottle for your child.

Next week we are looking at pond life.

Have a lovely weekend and see you all next week.

Kind regards

Preschool staff

8th March 2019 – Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a fun week we’ve had!

Our adult led focus this week as been spring flowers. The children have practised their cutting, painting and drawing skills with some wonderful results. A copy of their paintings have been added to our wonderful Spring Tree Display.

In PE this week the children practised rolling a ball to each other whilst sitting in a circle and then practised their balancing, rolling and climbing skills with an obstacle course around the hall.

It was Pancake day this week. We talked about Shrove’s Tuesday and that it is only 47 days till Easter Sunday, and sang our pancake song. The children made their own pancakes (premade) choosing from different fillings with some of the children eating them for their snack. Delicious! In the afternoon the children made flower stack biscuits topped off with icing.

Wednesday’s music time this week the children chose a song/nursery rhyme card.

At Little Forest School this week the children made flower soup and used a premade square out of sticks as a picture frame. A message from Selina….      Hello, my name is Selina and I am delighted to be joining Goring and Cleeve Pre-school as the new Forest School Leader. My background is as an ecologist and I love spending time outdoors, walking in the countryside and nature watching. I have been delivering Forest School at a primary school since 2015 and I am excited to now be sharing my love of the outdoors with your children here. The health and well-being of future generations is vitally important and by giving children the opportunity to regularly spend quality time outdoors, I believe we are benefiting both their physical and mental health. I look forward to meeting you all soon; please come and say hello on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon…I’ll be the one in the muddy waterproofs!

On Friday we reopen the mud kitchen…there were lots of mud pies!

Dates and Reminders

  • Thanks Sam for pointing out you haven’t received the topic list for this term. Here it is:
25th Feb Spring in the garden
4th March Spring flowers
11th March Spring on the farm
18th March Pond life
25th March Mini beasts
1st April Easter
  • Please can you check your child’s hair, there has been lots of scratching. Follow the link for guidelines https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/head-lice-and-nits/
  • We’ve had lots of comments on the play dough this week, it’s something that the staff make so we thought we’d share the recipe with you.

Stir 2 cups of plain flour, 1 cup of salt and 2 teaspoon of cream of tartar in a saucepan.

Add 2 cups of water, colouring (e.g. blue and flavouring I added peppermint this time) and 2 tablespoons of cooking oil.

Cook over a low heat for 3-5 minutes stirring well. Knead. Lumps should come out as it is kneaded.

Dates for Your Diary

Doughnuts for Dads Tuesday 26th March 9.00am-11.00 am

Muffins for mums Wednesday 27th march 9.00am-11 am

Gingerbread for Grandparents and Carers Thursday 28th March 9.00am-11.00 am

It would be wonderful to see you and show you what we get up too, please can you let us know it you’re able to make it.


  • Don’t forget to bring in your completed ‘look what I’ve been doing’ forms to go on our display in the home corner. It’s a brilliant display sharing as a family what you get up too. Check it out!
  • The children have been eating lots this week and our cupboards are nearly bare…

Next week its Spring on the farm and the children on Tuesday afternoon are visiting Towse Court Retirement Home.

Have a wonderful weekend

Kind regards

Preschool Staff

1st March 2019- Weekly Update

Dear Parent and Carers

We have had a message from Goring Primary School about parking.

Please do not park in the car park, it is important to keep all exits clear for emergency vehicles, and do not park on the double yellow lines outside school. Thank you for your cooperation.

Happy St. David’s day!

Welcome back, the children have really enjoyed the warm weather with lots of outside play.

Our topic this term is Spring. We are looking at the season in different aspects. This week we looked at Spring in the garden. The children really enjoyed making little magical gardens, we talked about how we can spot signs of spring and what Spring means to the children. Have a look on our Spring tree display, it has quotes from the children.

In PE this week we practised our throwing, rolling and kicking skills and we were able to continue this in the garden. Children practised throwing a ball under and over arm with some amazing results. They found rolling along the ground quite challenging and all were brilliant at kicking the ball.

On Tuesday afternoon we practised our phonic sounds and letters.

On Wednesday the children went onto the big playing field where they played ring games.

On Thursday afternoon Selina our new Forest School Supervisor started. We looked at birds in the garden and made nests with twigs and branches. We coloured in binoculars and looked at birds on the field. It was also raining which supplied us with lots of puddles. When we finished our activities the children jumped in the puddles. Lots of fun! Can you make sure you pop their wellies in their bags please?

On Friday afternoon we had outside learning, the doors open and lots of building with the bricks, playing with our new donation of cars and making sandcastles.


  • Please can you ensure you provide a named drinks bottle so they can access it independently if needed.

Next week we are looking at Spring flowers, it’s also pancake day on Tuesday, have a good week and see you soon.

Kind regards

Preschool staff