18th January 2019-Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a fun week we’ve had!

Our adult led focus this week was the Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. The children ordered and sequenced the familiar actions of the story. We looked at the page numbers of the book and the children told us who they would like to take with them on a Bear Hunt! We had the Bear Hunt outside using grass, water, mud, cornflour snow and used the sand pit as the bear’s cave. There were puppet characters for the children to use to re-enact the story.

In PE this week we practised our listening and colour recognition skills. Coloured hoops were on the floor and children had to listen for the colour called out before running and standing in a hoop.

Tuesday afternoon the children made sandwiches…Yummy!

On Wednesday afternoon in our music time the children played musical statues/bumps and ring games.

Thursday afternoon was an outside Thursday (formerly known as little forest school) where we made bird feeders, played hide and seek with spot the dog and looked for bird’s nests.

Friday the children were making lots of tea using the teapots and spoons in the water tray. They also made bird feeders.

Please can you put your bird feeder in the fridge for 24 hours before removing cardboard sleeve.

Forest School on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. We are planning an outside activity on site with the children once a week. This week was Thursday afternoon and next week will be Tuesday afternoon.  We will be alternating until further notice, so please provide Wellies and extra clothing in their bag.

Dates and Reminders

  • Funding forms have gone out and need to be returned as soon as possible.
  • Please look out for your Parent/Carer rota letters, we look forward to seeing you and sharing your child’s achievements and progress.
  • Nits. We have several cases of nits at preschool please can you check your child’s hair and follow the NHS guidelines https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/head-lice-and-nits/ thank you for your cooperation.
  • A sign-up sheet will be up Monday for you to volunteer to help at the declutter preschool event next weekend.
  • Please make sure you provide named hat and gloves it’s going to be cold next week

Next week we are looking at Owl babies by Martin Waddell, ‘twit twoo!’

Have a good weekend

Kind regards

Preschool staff


11th January 2019- Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back!

We would like to wish all our families a Happy New Year.

I would like to say a big welcome to our newbies, Henry and Madeleine. It was great meeting you all at our new parents evening on Thursday. The children seem to have settled in well and we look forward to getting to know them and their families.

This terms topic is stories and we started this week with looking at our favourite story book. The children have been busy cutting out/ drawing and talking about their favourite book.

The children have been practising the Fundamental British Values of democracy this week. They have been busy voting to find out the most popular story to make a display on our board. The most popular choice was Gruffalo’s child. So we were busy Friday afternoon painting.

Music on Wednesday was all about children’s choice, all choosing their favourite song.

On a more serious note I would like to remind you that we have a child with a severe nut allergy. Please can you ensure you follow our no nut policy at preschool, especially at lunch times. Please can you cut all grapes and small tomatoes in half lengthwise, did you know they are the perfect size to get stuck in a child’s throat!

Thank you for all our snack donations this week, the toast went down very well! Please make sure you bring the snacks in their original packaging.

Dates and Reminders

  • PE resumes on Monday, please provide a white t-shirt, shorts and plimsolls for your child to change into. Children arriving to the session please could they have their kit on underneath their clothes. We only have the hall for a short time and want to make the most of it.
  • •        We are having a weekend of declutter at preschool and need your help. We are starting with the outside first and want volunteers to help sort and bin broken toys/ sort toys into correct boxes and have a general spring clean of the garden. A sign-up sheet will be going up next week so please pop your name down. As they say many hands make light work!
  • •        Please can you ensure you provide your child with a named drinks bottle and spare clothes in their bag for accidents. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • For the children who are leaving to go to big school in September have you applied for your child’s school place? The closing date is this Tuesday 15th January 2019. More information can be found on www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/admissions
  • Dates for your calendar:
Preschool Declutter Weekend 26 and 27th January
Last Day Of Term 3 Friday 15th February 2019
First Day Of Term 4 Monday 25th February 2019
Goring 10K Sunday 3rd March 2019
Last Day Of Term Friday 5th April 2019
First Day Of Term 5 Wednesday 24th April 2019
Bank Holiday Closed Monday 6th May 2019
Last Day Of Term Friday 24th May 2019
First Day Of Term 6 Tuesday 4th June 2019
Last Day Of Term Wednesday 24th July 2019 At 2 pm


Next week we are looking at ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury… We can’t go over it. We can’t go under it. Oh no! we’ve got to go through it! Children will be ordering and sequencing the familiar actions of the story.

To do at home this week please can you practice with your child the first letter sound of their name.

Have a good weekend

Kind regards

Preschool staff

14th December 2018-Weekly update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a lovely week we’ve had!

We’ve certainly had a very busy week, with the Christmas party, Christmas nativity and the Christmas raffle!

A huge thank you to the fundraising committee who organised our Christmas raffle and to all of you who contributed and bought tickets for the fantastic raffle hampers. It was nearly a sell-out raffle! With just a few books left.

Our adult led focus this week is Christmas. With lots of sticking, gluing, painting and cutting. Just a reminder…. have you bought in your named bag for your child’s work?

On Tuesday afternoon we were entertained by the fabulous Bertie Slippers. Thank you to all the parents who help make this event happen! The children certainly had a fun time!

On Wednesday afternoon the children had the musical instruments out. We had the tambourines and xylophone, along with the popular and tuneful recorder!

On Thursday afternoon the older children took part in the Christmas nativity. It was wonderful to see the children (well some of them) singing with actions and I think you’ll all agree they were superstars!

The children on Friday afternoon played board games. we had the shopping list game and the very popular game of hungry hippos!

Dates and Reminders

  • Don’t forget to join us for Kate’s goodbye tea party on Thursday from 1-1.45 pm before we finish for the term.
  • Reports have gone out, please could you comment and sign and return to your child’s key person. Thank you to those of you have already return them. The report can be shared with other professionals such as your child’s health visitor.
  • Preschool finishes for the end of term on Thursday 20th December at 1.50 pm.
  • Thank you for all your fruit and snack donations this term, you all have been brilliant.
  • I would just like to say all the children have been superstars learning how to put on their coats, we are so impressed!

We would all like to wish all our families at Preschool a magical and blissful 

Merry Christmas!

Kind regards


Forest School Leader recruitment

Goring and Cleeve Preschool is recruiting a part-time Forest School Leader

We are looking for someone who:

  • is passionate about outdoor learning and nature
  • has a Forest School Leader qualification or is willing to train
  • has experience working with children
  • has an understanding of the EYFS
  • is approachable, with outstanding communication skills and has an excellent rapport with children, staff, parents and committee
  • Is willing to drive the school minibus (16 seats – we are willing to support obtaining the correct driving license)

If you might be interested, please contact our administrator for more information and an application pack: administrator@goringandcleevepreschool.org.uk

7th December 2018- Weekly update

Dear Parents and Carers

Please can you ensure you pick your child up promptly at the end of their session or let us know if you are running late. The morning session finishes at 11.50 am and lunch club at 12.50 pm and the afternoon at 3.20 pm. We need to abide by our policies and procedures due to our insurance conditions. Thank you for your cooperation.

Not long now till the fantastic Christmas Raffle, have you bought your tickets and returned your unsold stubs? They need to be in by Monday please. A huge thank you to the fundraising committee who have organised the raffle and to you the parents and staff for all your donations. I’ve seen a sneaky photo of the hampers before they went off to be wrapped and they look superb!

Our adult led activity this week and next is Christmas! There has been lots of mark making, gluing, stamping, painting all topped off with a little glitter. We are decorating preschool with the creations so please remember to bring in a named bag for their decorations and cards for the end of term.

The special Christmas post box is on the desk ready for the children to send cards to their friends.

The children have been superstars practising their songs for the Christmas concert. We have a dress rehearsal on Monday afternoon, please can all the children (older ones) arrive at preschool for 2.00 pm. At the moment we have the costumes so the children will change once they get to preschool thank you.

It was a very sad end to Forest School this week. we said goodbye to Kate on Thursday. We will miss you Kate!  Good luck in your new adventures. The children made Christmas baubles. We sang Christmas songs and hung our decoration on the apple tree near the shelter

On Friday afternoon the children made shortbread, Yummy!

Dates and Reminders

  • The Christmas party is on Tuesday please make sure you return your permission slips or let us know if you’re not attending.
  • Preschool finishes early on Thursday 20th December at 13.50 pm.

Have a fun weekend

Kind regards

Preschool staff

30th November 2018- Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a busy week we’ve had merrily skipping our way towards Christmas!

Can you let us know if your child is not attending the session please, we have to adhere to health and safety regulations, thank you!

A huge thank you to parents, carers and staff who volunteered to help at the Christmas fair last weekend, without you we wouldn’t have been able to do it!

This week adult led focus was post, children have been busy writing, sticking all the items they want for Christmas on a letter to Santa. Thank you to the parents who have bought in a stamped addressed envelope, you need to watch out for the post as they will soon be arriving.

In pe this week we practised our running and songs for our Christmas play. At this time of year, the PE hall is sometimes unavailable due to all the rehearsals and plays. Please just pop their plimsolls in their bag and if the hall is available we will pop over otherwise there will be no PE until next year.

At Forest School this week children chose their favourite activities, we had pirate maps, trolleys and dinosaurs. On Thursday due to high winds and no mini bus we walked up to Cow hill using the telescopes to look at the countryside. On the way back we used the wind to our advantage and flew scarves and kites on the field. We pretended to be either a bird or a plane and zoomed across the field.

On Friday Christmas had arrived at preschool, the children love the singing Santa, (not sure how long it will last) dancing along with him to Jingle Bell Rock!

Dates and Reminders

The photos have arrived, the t-towel and Christmas card orders sent, we are all getting ready for that special time of year!

Thank you for your snack donations, you have been fantastic!

It was great to see lots of Mummies, Daddies and grandparents/Carers at our themed open mornings. We hope you enjoyed yourself and please look out for next terms dates.

If you’re in the village tomorrow please say hello to Linda, Zoe and Claire who have a stall at Goring Arcade’s Christmas Market outside Inspirations. They have reindeer food, lucky dip, Christmas star decorating. All proceeds go to Preschool!

Parking- we have been asked by the Primary School to inform you that you should not park in the car park during the school day(unless it is an emergency!) This includes picking/dropping off in the middle of the day. Thank you for your cooperation.

Next week Christmas will be here, lots of Christmas crafts, singing and fun.

Have a good weekend

Kind regards

Preschool staff

16th November 2018- Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a fun week we’ve had!

Our adult led focus this week was fire fighters, children practised their painting, cutting and sticking making either a fire fighter or a fire appliance. We had stories and songs about fire fighters and practised our fire practices. There was lots of imaginative role-play, building and developing their play around the fire fighters.

In PE this week there was lots of listening and running games finished off with a game of sharks and fishes.

This week there was no Forest School but the children had two very exciting trips. On Tuesday we went to the library to find out what a librarian does and had a go at using the machines to take books out. We had a short rhyme time and found out about fiction and non-fiction books. Thank you to the library and their staff for their time in making this trip so successful. A quick note: The library offers stories and rhyme time on Friday 2.30pm- 3.00pm during the term time only.

Wednesday music session was all about music and movement listening to action songs.

On Thursday afternoon the children enjoyed a visit to our local fire station. Emily and Paer showed us around the station, we volunteered and answered questions about smoke alarms and watched a short video on what to do if your clothes caught fire… STOP, DROP AND ROLL! The children looked around the fire appliance and the best bit was using the hose to pretend to put out the fire. A huge thank you to Emily for organising our visit and her assistant Paer. A big thank you to all the mummy helpers who came in and helped walk the children to the station, without you we wouldn’t have been able to go!

On Friday we had lots of singing in the morning and the children made shortbread biscuits in the afternoon.

The children have been busy learning their Christmas songs for their concert on Thursday 13th December. This is for all the older children who leave to go to school in July. The concert starts at 2.15pm.

Dates and Reminders

  • Christmas dates:

Christmas party Tuesday 11th December from 1.00pm – 3.00pm all invited

Christmas play Thursday 13th December from 2.15pm (older children only)

  • Thank you for all the volunteers so far to help at the craft fair next weekend. We still have some slots that need filling are you able to help?
  • Please could we have some fruit donations next week, just a couple of apples or bananas would be lovely. Thank you
  • Please could you check your child’s hair for nits and follow the NHS guidelines


Don’t forget

Muffins for mums on Monday 19th November from 9-11am

Doughnuts for Dads on Wednesday 21st November from 9-11am

Gingerbread for Grandparents and Carers on Friday 23rd November from 9-11 am

Please let us know if you’re coming, it’s a great way to see what we are doing and what we’ve been up too.

  • Have you seen the Christmas box on the desk? There will be a sign-up sheet for donations towards our Christmas raffle. So far we’ve had donations from Jacks (Westholme stores) and Safeways (McColl’s) and Tesco’s.
  • Next week we are going to be practising putting on our coats independently. A great trick is to place the coat on the floor (hood by their feet) get your child to put their arms in the sleeves and pop it over their head. They are always so proud when they achieve this
  • Our topic next week is opticians, a great way to support our phonics sounding out the letters.

Have a great weekend

Kind regards

Preschool staff