13th July 2018- Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

Please can you check your child’s hair, we have a few cases been reported of nits. Please follow the NHS guidelines https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/head-lice-and-nits/ where it will give you the latest information about nits/head lice and the best treatment for them.

What a busy week we’ve had!

Our adult led focus for the next couple of weeks is builders. Thank you so much for all the wheelbarrows that have been kindly loaned, there is nearly a wheelbarrow for every builder! The children have absolutely loved it. Indoors we have been building using junk modelling, and of course outside we have our very own builders yard much to the envy of the primary school children.

In PE we have been busy practising our leavers songs with actions.

It was our last forest school this week, it was the big hunt for caterpillars and butterflies. Children listened to hungry caterpillar story, used story stones and played the butterfly and moth game. A message from Kate ‘ Good luck, you’ve all been super little forest schoolers and for those of you who are going to Goring I’ll see you soon in reception in September.’

In cooking this week, the children decorated cakes.

In our music session we had pass the parcel and ring games.

On Wednesday afternoon the older children had their school visits to Goring primary and their second visit is on Thursday.

Reports have been going out this week, please can you comment and sign and return to your child’s key person so a copy can be added to their file. Thank you.

There’s still time to donate to our fantastic superheroes sponsored summer parade. We’ve had £310 including gift aid donated so far which is brilliant but let’s see if can make our target of £500. You have until Wednesday 25th July to make a contribution.


Kind regards

Preschool staff

6th July 2018- Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a super busy week we’ve had.

Our adult led focus this week was superheroes! Children made superhero masks, decorating with stickers and pens. Some fantastic creations were made and lots of children then used the masks in their role play.

In PE we practised our throwing skills. Children had a variety of objects to throw through different sized hoops.

On Tuesday we had our leaver’s summer trip to Sutton Courtney Education centre. Children bought their teddies and followed a teddy bear themed trail. A huge thank you to our parent helpers without you we wouldn’t have been able to take the children. It was just lovely.

On Wednesday in our music session we had the musical instruments out. Lots of noise, but very enjoyable!

On Thursday we had our Superheroes Summer Parade. Huge thank you to Vicky Weller who organised the parade and helped to time keep the event! You were fabulous! More Thank yous firstly to all staff and parents who helped collect the bouncy castle and set up and looked after all the activities. A special thank you to Sophie who was brilliant stepping in to help with the tattoos. It was a much organised fun event.

 You can still donate it’s not too late on 


We started to harvest our vegetables and fruit. So far we had beans, peas, courgettes and strawberries and shared them at group/snack times.

Outside on the easel is our annual toy cleaning schedule for the summer. Ask your child which is their favourite and pop your name down, if everyone takes a box of toys it makes it an easy job to complete. If you have extra toys in your box please put in a small bag so they can be put in the correct box when returned. Toys to be returned first day back in September. See below term dates:

Dates and Reminders 

First day of term 1 Wednesday 5th September 2018
Last day of term1 Friday 19th October 2018
First day of term 2 Monday 29th October 2018
Last day of term 2 Thursday 20th December 2018 @ 1.50pm Finish
First day of term 3 Tuesday 8th January 2019
Last day of term 3 Friday 15th February 2019
First day of term 4 Monday 25th February 2019
Last day of term 4 Friday 5th April 2019 @ 1.50pm Finish
First day of term 5 Wednesday 24th April 2019
Bank holiday Monday 6th May 2019
Last day of term 5 Friday 24th May 2019
First day of term 6 Tuesday 4th June 2019
Last day of term 6 Wednesday 24th July 2019 @ 1.50pm Finish

  • Its builder’s week next week, we’re after a couple of wheelbarrows to borrow.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

Preschool staff

29th June 2018 – Weekly update

Dear Parents and Carers

POW, BANG KAPOW BOOM! What an action pack week we’ve had!

Our adult led focus was superheroes where children made superhero cuffs; children cut, stuck and told us what super power they would have if they were a superhero. They made superhero door hanger decorated with stickers.

In PE it was all about the obstacle course. Children balanced along beams, climbed and jump through hoops and dribbled around cones with a ball.  .

Forest school this week was strawberry picking. We went to Hildred’s pick your own, picked a couple of strawberries, took them to Forest School had a story and prepared our own yummy snack.

In cooking the children made lemonade. Just what you need on a hot day!

In our music afternoon children used a microphone to sing their Favourite song.

Dates and Reminders

  • Don’t forget to fill in our parent questionnaire!
  • We’ve a busy week next week; our leavers are visiting Sutton Courtenay education Centre for our summer trip. Don’t forget your teddies!
  • On Thursday is our Superheroes Summer Parade, We need the reply slips returned as soon as possible but in the meantime please donate on line at


  • Help Needed!

On the morning of the party, (Thursday 5th July) we need some helpers to help set up at Storton Lodge and transport equipment from the Pre School to the hall.

We have the hall from 11am and would very much appreciate about six volunteers to help collect and set up the Bouncy Castle and to load up a car to take things from Pre School to Storton Lodge and set up the activities.

We will need some help during the activities and at the end of the party to clear up as we need to be out of the hall by 3pm.

Please email if you are able to offer help. Thank you.


  • Please can you check your child hair for nits and follow NHS guidelines https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/head-lice-and-nits/
  • Do you have a wheelbarrow we could borrow for builder’s week please?
  • Do you have any books (in particularly The Smartest Giant in Town) which have been borrowed from Preschool? End of term is approaching and we would like all books and toys returned. Thank you

Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget

Next week’s weather forecast is to be hot! Please can you apply sun cream to your child before they attend and send in a named drinks bottle and hat. Could you also make sure there is a change of clothes…There’s going to be lots of water play!

Kind regards

Preschool staff

22nd June 2018- Weekly update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a magical week we’ve had!

Our adult led focus was magical gardens with fairies and elves. Thank you for all the donation of veg/fruit trays. Most of the children made a magical garden and some even made a garden every day.  They decorated them with resources such as pine cones, flowers, stones, moss, pretend toadstools and feathers sprinkled with a little magic glitter.

In PE we had Perform drama workshop. The children went on an adventure to the jungle to help save blaze a special golden cheetah which had been captured and needed saving. The children were all superstars and jumped at the chance to help and join in. Thank you Alana for running the workshop.

At Forest School this week we made fairy and elves houses, played with the mud café and dinosaurs in the sand. A message from Kate “Next week we’re strawberry picking, please ensure they have the appropriate clothing in their bags. Thank you.”

In our music session this week we had ring games.

Cooking this week, we made fruit salad and made sandwiches. Yummy!

Friday afternoon we had lots of technology toys out, lots of counting and building towers of bricks.

Dates and Reminders

Next week’s weather forecast is to be hot! Please can you apply sun cream to your child before they attend and send in a named drinks bottle and hat. Could you also make sure there is a change of clothes…There’s going to be lots of water play!

Invitations have gone out for our Sponsored Superheroes Summer Parade. We need the reply slips returned as soon as possible but in the meantime please donate on line at


It should go straight to our donation page and please make sure you share with friends and family.

The children who leave to go to school in July should also receive their details about the trip to Sutton Courtenay education centre. Again we need to have reply slips returned as soon as possible. Thank you.  We also have a small collection of second hand uniform (Goring Primary) for sale. Please speak to staff who will be able to help you. You can’t have too many jumpers/cardigans you will be surprised how quickly they go missing or get lost.

We still haven’t had anyone volunteer to take on the bouncy castle which is a real shame as it’s a major contribution to our fundraising target. If anyone has any ideas, please let us know.

If you’re able to help tomorrow for half an hour we still need volunteers to help with the bouncy castle at the primary school fete.

Next week its superheroes, we still need kitchen roll insides please we’re making superhero cuffs. I think it may get a little noisy!

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week.

Kind regards

Preschool staff

15th June 2018 – Weekly update

Dear Parents and Carers

Preschool would like to wish all you brilliant Daddies a Happy Father’s Day and hope you enjoy the fantastic cards the children have been busy making.

What a regal week we’ve had!

Our adult led focus was kings, Queens, Prince and Princesses. We had lots of crown making, plenty of stories about wicked Queens and kings, sleeping princesses and princes who save the day! We threaded honey hoops on elastic to make bracelets and ate them for our snack!

In PE we practised hopping, jumping, running and even skipping. Played what’s the time Mr Wolf and the children told us what they want to be when they grow up. Please can you check your child’s bag, we have a plimsoll that’s gone missing.

At Forest School this week we made a castle for a royal person and sang the song ‘There was a princess long ago.’ By popular demand we had the water, spider and drain pipe out practising to flush the spider out. On one occasion the spider did a loop de loop much to the children’s enjoyment.

In cooking this week, we made biscuits and fruit salad.

In our music session on a Wednesday afternoon we had the musical instruments out singing to our favourite song finishing with a few ring games.

On Friday the fire engines were out again for most of the day.

Thank you to Megan for donating a fantastic rug for our home corner and sorting out our photos.

Thank you to Donna who sourced and collected some farm animals and buildings, the children have really enjoyed playing with them. Also a thank you to a previous Preschool family Katy, John, Chloe and Sam who donated a tractor and trailer.

Dates and Reminders


We still have not had any volunteers for the bouncy castle.

Please could you seriously consider and volunteer to take on the bouncy castle?

The bouncy castle alone can generate up to £1000 a year to help maintain, buy resources and support your child’s learning and time at Preschool. It is an essential fundraising asset. We would be extremely grateful.

There is a sign-up sheet on the easel outside Preschool for volunteers to help man the bouncy castle at Goring Primary School fete on 23rd June.

Don’t forget to fill in the Parent’s Questionnaire, it needs to be completed by 25th June.

Some of the river animals in the display at the station have escaped and moved into the village, local shops and business are displaying the animals over the weekend. Have a look to see if your child’s work is there.

This Monday 18th June in PE we have a drama group in. Please ensure a prompt drop off at afternoon session so we can be over in the hall for 1pm. Thank you.

The week of 9th and 16th July, our topic will be builders. We would love to have a few more resources to enhance the children’s play. Do you have a wheelbarrow or any high vis jackets we could borrow? From previous experience you can’t have too many!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Goring Gap festival.

It’s magical gardens next week, we still need more veg/fruit trays please.

Kind regards

Preschool staff.

8th June 2018- Weekly update

Dear Parents and Carers

Important Notice

We have a child who has a severe allergic reaction to nuts. Please can you ensure you follow our NO NUT policy in Preschool, especially lunch club. No peanut butter or chocolate spread with hazelnuts sandwiches. When donating to our snack bar can, we ask you to provide the original package to guarantee we know what is in the ingredients. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please can you check your child’s hair, we have a few cases been reported of nits. Please follow the NHS guidelines https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/head-lice-and-nits/ where it will give you the latest information about nits/head lice and the best treatment for them.

Don’t forget the photos from Darmanin need to be in on Monday, even if you are not ordering photos, we still needs the proofs returned. The preschool receives a percentage of all orders.

‘Ahoy me hearties, shiver me timbers, what a busy week we have had!’

We have noticed from our observations that children have been very interested in dressing up and superheroes so from this, our theme this term is role-play and drama. We started the week off with pirates! Children made and decorated pirates ships, cut out pirates, painted parrots, looked for treasure and had pirate stories.

11.06.18 Prince/princesses/Queens/Kings
18.06.18 Magical gardens/fairies/elves and pixies
25.06.18 Superheroes
02.07.18 Superheroes
09.07.18 Builders
16.07.18 Builders

There is no topic for the last 3 days, just recapping our themed topics.

Please could you save and bring in the clear plastic veg/fruit trays for next week we will be making magical gardens.

Also we need empty kitchen roll tubes to make superhero cuffs on the week of 25.06.18

PE, it was all about Ball skills. Children were split into 2 groups. The first group had a football, learning to negotiate around the cones and the second group had a bat and ball and practiced hitting the ball.

At Forest School the pirates had arrived and left a trail of arrows to follow, we looked for treasure, followed the treasure maps and found a boat, probably the pirates’ boat. A message from Kate: ‘Please ensure you follow preschool policy of no mobile phones or cameras at Forest School. Preschool takes a camera so if you wish to take photos at Forest School please ask for the camera. Please can you also provide long sleeved top and trousers/leggings and a pair of wellington boots. The ground is quite wet and the nettles are huge! Thank you’

On Wednesday in our music session we used our music box and children could pick an item out of the box and then sing a song about that item.

On Tuesday and Thursday in cooking we made rice cake faces and decorated biscuits.

On Friday we had a fire engine afternoon, nee naw, nee naw, thank you to Donna who donated 3 fire engines for our fireman Sam box.

Look out for our new pet caterpillars!

The children have been busy making a card for someone special who special day is next Sunday.

Lookout for our display at the station during the Gap festival, children have been busy  painting, gluing, cutting and making river animals. They look brilliant!

Dates and Reminders

Our superheroes summer parade is Thursday 5th July at Storton Lodge, less than a month away. Last year we made a staggering £1000. Let us see if we can match it! It is for all preschool families to join us, take part in a superheroes parade and visit a few activities including the bouncy castle! We need parent volunteers to help on the day, some to help walk the children to the hall and help clear away afterwards. Invitations and information will be coming out shortly.

Preschool relies significantly on the bouncy castle as a fundraiser for Preschool. Emails have gone out and no-one has volunteered to take on the bouncy castle. It’s your child’s Preschool and we need your help! Please can someone volunteer to take on this role.

Our children who leave to go to big school in September are invited to:

  • A trip to Sutton Courtney on Tuesday 3rd July during Preschool session. Where we will have a teddy bears picnic, times and information will follow shortly. We will need volunteers for this trip, please speak to a member of staff if you are able to help.
  • Our leaver’s concert is on Tuesday 24th July in the afternoon 1.30-3pm.

See you next week

Kind regards

Preschool staff

18th May 2018 – Weekly update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a sunny week we’ve had.

It was great to see you at the AGM on Tuesday evening and I would like to say a big hello to all our new committee members and a huge thank you to the past committee who is stepping down. It’s also an exciting time of year getting to know new members of the committee and listen to their exciting fundraising ideas and passion in supporting preschool.

Our adult led focus was animals and their babies; children identified farm animals and their babies and matched them together. Children were able to create and paint animals using small brush painting.

Thank you for adhering to the schools request to be considerate at drop off/pick up due to SATs. Due to this we had no PE.

At Forest School this week we listened to the birds and made nest using big wooden tongs as beaks to pick up grass and leaves and used pinecones as eggs. A message from Kate ‘Please ensure you provide long trousers/leggings in their bag and we will get them changed there are some very tall nettles at Forest School…Thank you.’

The children staying in made pizza using a bread roll, choosing their own toppings from sweetcorn, mushrooms and peppers.

In our music session we chose our favourite songs and used a microphone to sing to the group.

On Friday we had our Royal Wedding Tea Party, children dressed in red, white or blue and bought in and made crowns and tiaras, we made bracelets from coloured pasta, and wrote our names on flags. We had party games and finally a tea party snack under the canopy.

Congratulations Harry and Meghan!

Dates and Reminders

Preschool is closed on Friday due to an inset day. Term begins Monday 4th June.

After half term the Forest School group’s change, Red group will be going out on a Tuesday and Purple and Green on a Thursday. There are still places on our signup sheet to come to Forest School.

We had the photographer in a week ago, he took pictures of the children in black and white in the garden, thank you to Megan who’s volunteered to organise orders and returns. Proofs will be with us after half term.

After half term the children who leaver to go to school will be having their graduation photos with the lovely Eloise a past parent and photographer. All photos purchased a donation is made to preschool.

A date for your calendar;


It’s our annual Children’s Summer Parade. This is a children’s event helped organised by the brilliant Vicky. All children will participate in a superheroes themed event followed by smaller activities run by staff and parents, ending with a party snack. More details to follow once confirmation of venue.

Next week we are covering farm animals and their homes.

Enjoy the sunshine and see you next week

Kind regards

Preschool staff.