9th October 2018 – Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a busy week we’ve had!

Our adult led focused activity this week was doctors and nurses. A massive thank you for all your donations of doctors kits and some homemade scrubs by our talented Laura! We were able to borrow a lot of resources to support the children’s learning. There have been lots of bandages, plasters and dressing up. Children were able to engage in role-play based on their own first hand experiences, develop and extend their learning with the equipment. The children had clay out on Thursday.

The children have also been busy celebrating bonfire night making firework pictures. Have a look at our display by the book corner.

In PE we continued the fire work theme and pretended to be fireworks whooshing, popping and zooming around the room.

At Forest School we made firework pictures on the ground using leaves and sticks, played on the pirate’s ship and made potions. On Thursday the children pretended to be fireworks making their own display using leaves as the exploding rockets. We had the water and guttering out proving very popular.

On Wednesday the children found out why we wear Poppies. Children sponge painted poppies onto the paper, and learnt new words such as veterans and Remembrance day. We have a display on the wall by the back door. In our music session we sang what’s in the box, children chose something out of the box and we sang a song about it.

On Friday we celebrated Diwali the festival of light with Isaac. The children made Diya’s representing a traditional clay lamp, they listened to the story about Rama and Sita and coloured in pictures of Sita, Rama and Ragoli designs. Happy Diwali to Isaac and his family enjoy your celebrations.

Dates and Reminders

  • The sign-up sheet is on the easel for you to volunteer for our next fundraising event at the Goring Craft Fair on Saturday 24thand Sunday 25th. The crafts on the stall are very simple, making reindeer food and decorating a star with glitter. It will already be prepared so you can pick it up and go with it. So far we only have 3 volunteers. Please can you help just for a couple of hours on either day, we really need your support.
  • The proofs from the photographer have arrived and need to be returned by Thursday 15th November.
  • Samples of your child’s Christmas card have arrived and are going out with order forms attached. Orders need to be returned as soon as possible to ensure a quick turnaround.
  • The school admission for primary school places is open for children who will be starting primary school in September 2018. Please visit www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/admissions  to find out more details.
  • Don’t forget another fundraising when shopping online using The Giving Machine
  • Did you know preschool has a bouncy castle for hire, a discount for preschool parents. For more information see our websitewww.goringandcleevepreschool.org.uk or contact bouncycastle@goringandcleevepreschool.org.uk
  • Its Muffins for mummy’s on Monday 19th November from 9 am-11 am, Doughnuts for Dads on Wednesday 21st November from 9 am – 11 am  and Gingerbread for Grandparents and Carers on Friday 23rd November from 9 am-11 am.  Can’t wait to see you!

Next week our topic is fire fighters there’s going to be lots of ‘woo-woo’ or ‘nee nah!’ Have a good weekend and see you next week.

Kind regards

Preschool staff


2nd October 2018-Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back after half term.

Can you help?…….Next week our topic is doctors and nurses, unfortunately we still haven’t had our doctors and nurses box returned from the summer clean. We wondered if anyone had any doctors and nurse’s equipment we could borrow for next week.

A really big thank you to Laura Albie’s mummy who made us some batman and robin capes for the home corner. They have proved very popular with lots of jumping about with a kapow, Bam and a Pow!

Following on from the children’s interests the topic this term is ‘people who help us.’ This week we have been looking at police. We found out about what the police do, how we can contact them and what they look like. The children have been practising their scissor skills cutting round circles to make traffic lights. We have observed that some of the children need extra practice. A good idea is using plastic scissors at home with the play dough so they get use to the cutting action.

In PE this week we practised our observing skills and played the traffic light game. Children used hoops as cars and were taxi drivers collecting passengers whilst following the traffic light signals.

At Forest School this week we looked at the story of Bertie the Squirrel and how he moved around and collected his food. We practised our balancing skills and learnt that a squirrel only has four claws and no thumb.  At little Forest School this week we played traffic lights on the big field using the lines as a road and took turns being the driver and made traffic lights out of leaves. A message from Kate ‘the weather is changing and has been chilly, please can you ensure that your child has a pair of long trousers or leggings in their bag. If you would like to join us at Forest School, please speak to Debbie so she can book you in. It would be really nice to see you and your child would love to show you around forest school.

On Wednesday in our music session we sang our favourite songs and then chose something out of our song bag to sing.

On Friday the children planted daffodils in wellington boots and tulips in the big blue pots.

Dates and Reminders

Only 3 more weekends till our new fundraising event. Sign-up sheets will be on the easel from Monday. We are looking for volunteers to help at Goring Craft Fair on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th November from 10- 4 pm. The fundraising committee have put together crafts to make and sell at the fair.

Have you returned your volunteer opportunities reply slip? Preschool relies on parents to volunteer to help with fundraising events in preschool.

Thank you for the donations of girls’ clothing for our spare clothes box.

Did you know preschool has a bouncy castle for hire, a discount for preschool parents? For more information see our website:www.goringandcleevepreschool.org.uk or contact bouncycastle@goringandcleevepreschool.org.uk

Have a lovely bonfire night weekend and see you all next week

Kind regards

Preschool staff.

19th October 2018 – Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a busy week we’ve had.

A really big thank you to Eddie and his family who have donated a very large and popular garage for our garden.

Our adult led focus was what we want to be when we grow up. Children were very busy decorating, we had Doctors and nurses to princesses and Daddies. We have put a copy of their creation on the board and scribed what they want to be…please take a look the children have been very proud of their creations.

PE the children read the book ‘From Head to Toe’ By Eric Carle. The children moved like the different animals in the book.

At Forest School this week it was all about the pirates! Ahoy matey! The children made pirate soup and potions, used treasure maps to navigate around the environment and rode on the flying horse to get to Australia. On Thursday the children had pirate snack at Forest School.

Music afternoon on Wednesday was all about music and movement using the wiggles and giggles CD.

On Friday we practised our ball skills in the garden and played board games indoors.

Dates and Reminders

·        Its half term next week, preschool reopens on Monday 29th October.

·        Don’t forget to look out for our sign-up sheet for the craft fair.

·        Do you have any spare clothes preschool could have? We are in desperate need of girl’s knickers and leggings.

·        Do you celebrate a special festival or day at home with your children? We would love to celebrate with you at preschool.

·        We would love to do some planting with the children do you have any extra bulbs or winter flowering plants we could have?

·        Don’t for get to let us have children interest/look what we’ve been doing form back. Your information along with their current interests and next steps help us plan for the following terms topics.

Next term we are looking at people who help us…starting off with the police. A great idea would be to talk to the children over half term about the police and what they do and how we contact them.

Have a great half term

Kind regards

Preschool staff.

12th October 2018 – Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a wonderful week we’ve had!

this week in our adult led focus was all about birthdays and growing up. Children told us how old they were and represented them with balloons on paper with scribing numerals on each balloon. We had some interesting replies such as ‘I’m a hundred, I’m five and I’m hundred ten!’ there is a small display on their work by the carpet area, please have a look. The children also made a simple birthday cake (rice crispy cake) and decorated with 100s and 1000s. We’ve represented the numerals with our fingers, jumps and steps. A very numerous week we’ve had.

On Tuesday and Thursday, the children went to big forest school. We explored the environment and found a horse and pirate ship which has led to lots of pirate soup being made and riding the horse to the beach for an ice-cream. The children also looked at autumn through sequencing the leaf colours and looking through special picture frames. We used the leaves, conkers, feathers, sticks to make a leaf person. A message from Kate ‘The children have been super confident in exploring forest school, please ensure you provide Wellies and a coat. Thank you.’

On Wednesday afternoon music time the children sat on chairs as though in a bus and sang songs on their journey.

Friday we’ve been in the mud kitchen, making mud cakes and potions, and in the afternoon we played sound lotto, practising our listening skills.

Dates and Reminders

Fundraising Update:

Thank you for our volunteers so far for our fundraising events, we still need volunteers for the Craft fair on 24th and 25th November. We have several activities lined up for this event such as making reindeer food, decorating a Christmas star and a lucky dip. We are looking for donations towards our lucky dip. Please ask family and friends if they have any small toys (good condition) they can donate. You can drop them in the box at preschool after half term.

Our fund raising committee have decided to postpone our raffle until our Quizco Night on 30th March, however we will be having a Christmas Hamper Raffle to be drawn at the Christmas Play on 13th December at 2.45pm. Further details will be out soon how you can help.

  • Don’t forget the photographers here on Tuesday. Have you booked your slot?
  • Don’t forget to bring your child’s interest and look what I’ve been doing forms. We are making a display in Preschool.
  • The children really enjoyed planting last week and we would like to do it again. Do you have any extra bulbs or winter flowering plants we could have?

Next week we are exploring what the children want to be when they grow up.

Please remember it half term from the 22nd– 26th October. Term 2 starts on Monday 29th October.

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Preschool staff.

5th October 2018-Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a busy week we’ve had!

A big thank you to Sophia, Ollie and Alan’s families who have donated some winter flowering pansies and bulbs.

  • Our adult led focus was keeping ourselves healthy. We had an activity to promote pencil control following the lines on the page of a drawing of a toothbrush. We named parts of the body in group times, had lots of hand washing, talking about germs, where germs live and how to keep clean. All supporting the children to develop a greater understanding of keeping ourselves clean and healthy.
  • PE was all about running races from hopping to skipping to jumping. The children had fun using the space to gain confidence in moving in a range of ways.
  • Forest school this week was celebrating spots birthday, children revisited previous activities to make sandwiches, cake and tea. We played party games and sang happy birthday. The Tuesday afternoon group went on the mini bus, we visited the forest school site and the train station. There was lots of singing ‘the wheels on the bus.’
  • Music session on Wednesday was all about party games, children sang and danced to musical chairs, musical statues and the hokey cokey.
  • On Friday our mud kitchen opened! It’s a lovely addition to our garden and the children loved it. Thank you to Woodcote Garden Center for supplying bark and soil for our mud kitchen at a discounted price. We do need some more top soil if anyone has some to spare? In the afternoon the children planted bulbs and flowers in the pots at the front of preschool.
  • The children have been listening to the story the fish who could wish. We asked the children if they could wish, what would they wish for…have a look at our display.
  • Have you seen the Public Health Poster about flu immunisation, helping to protect everyone every winter?

For more information visit www.nhs.uk/child-flu

Dates and Reminders

Please can you fill in and return your volunteer forms, thank you for the parents who have volunteered so far but there are lots of events that need your support so please ensure you return your form as soon as possible thank you. We urgently need volunteers for the event at the craft fair in November, can you help?

The sign-up sheet for the photographer is outside preschool on the easel. There are lots of spaces so make sure you get your slot. The photographs are simply stunning, he’s such a great photographer.

Don’t forget to bring your child’s interest and look what I’ve been doing forms. We are making a display in Preschool.

Our drop in for parents and carers returns next month

Muffins for Mums on Monday 19th November from 9-11 am

Doughnuts for Dads on Wednesday 21st November from 9-11 am

Gingerbread for Grandparents and Carers on Friday 23rd November from 9-11 am

Please let us know if you’re coming, a sign-up sheet will be going up nearer the time. It’s a great way to see what we are doing and what we’ve been up too.

Next week we looking at birthdays and growing up there will be lots of counting, making cakes and blowing out candles….

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Preschool staff

28th September 2018- Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

Dates and Reminders

We have had a few children ill last week. Just to ensure no further transmission of this infection can you please abide by our policy of 48 hours since last episode of sickness and diarrhea or just diarrhea or the starting of antibiotics. Please inform your child’s key person or Supervisor of any illness as we have children who attend the setting who have low immune system. They do not have the ability to respond normally to an infection so we need to be aware of any illness. The nature of the environment means bugs are spread very easily. If your child needs calpol or a similar medicine, then they really should not be at Preschool. They recover much quicker at home.  Please ensure you contact us to inform us if your child isn’t attending the session, this is important due to health and safety regulations which we need to adhere too.  Thank you.

Fundraisers for The Autumn Term

To ensure our fundraising happens we will be looking for volunteers to help


  • The photographer will be in on Tuesday 16thOctober. A sign-up sheet will be going up soon for you to book your slot. Chris from Darmanin studio takes wonderful photos and they are great for Christmas presents. The preschool receives a percentage of all orders. – We need volunteers to help coordinate the orders/or help on the day for a couple of hours.
  • The children are busy drawing pictures of themselves or their hand prints for our annual Christmas t-towel another great Christmas present – We need a volunteer to coordinator the orders.
  • We have a table at the craft weekend of 24th/25thNovember- We will need volunteers to help on both days for a couple of hours, a sign-up sheet will be going up.
  • Christmas Party is on Tuesday 11thDecember- We need a couple of volunteer or help set up/clear the table for the Christmas party.
  • Christmas concert Thursday 13thDecember- We will be having our annual Christmas raffle. Raffle tickets will be coming home for you to sell to family and friends.

Each event has its own crib sheet to follow so it easy and simple to volunteer just let staff know which event you would like to help with. Thank you

  • Snacks donations as the weather is turning colder the children are eating more. Maybe we could have a loaf of bread or a packet of muffins/crumpets to fill their hungry tummies.
  • Have you bought in a baby photo to go with our display?
  • We would love to do some planting with the children do you have any extra bulbs or winter flowering plants you would like to donate?
  • Do you have any top soil or wooden utensils for our mud kitchen?

Our adult led focus this week was exploring and investigating our feelings and emotions. Children made faces out of paper plates looking at their facial features. We played games in group time. We looked at cards with different facial expressions such as happy, sad, angry and afraid and posted them into the correct box. We asked the children what made them happy and sad.

PE we played the game duck duck goose….lots of fun and rolled the ball to each other calling out their friends name first. We practiced our ball skills throwing and bouncing the balls with some control.

In Little Forest School this week we celebrated Moon Day with Kate. A Chinese festival celebrating the Harvest moon. Children had the story of the moon cake and we looked for shapes and objects around the grounds that were round and finished off with a mud picnic making mud cakes, wood sandwiches and water green tea. A message from Kate ‘The children were brilliant looking for round shapes around the grounds. For each round shape the children were given a token to pop in the bag. We counted the tokens aloud. We had found 32 round shapes in the environment.’

Our music session we played ring games such as the hokey cokey and farmers in his den.

On Friday it was all about Mathematics! The children drew around themselves on big pieces of paper and we measured them to see how tall they were.

Next week we are looking at health and hygiene. How we keep ourselves safe and healthy.

See you Monday

Kind regards

Preschool staff

Ofsted | Outstanding Status


It is with great pleasure we wish to inform you that following the Ofsted inspection on 13 July 2016,our Pre-School was judged Outstanding across the board. The inspector commented that:

“The pace of change and rate of improvement in the pre-school has been rapid.”

“…the quality of teaching is now outstanding. Children’s different learning needs are meticulously and precisely planned for. As a result, children make excellent progress in their learning and development.”

“Staff work together as an exceptional team. They are dedicated, caring and highly professional. It is clear they consistently go ‘the extra mile’ to make sure every child’s needs are fully met.”

Read the full report here: