18th May 2018 – Weekly update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a sunny week we’ve had.

It was great to see you at the AGM on Tuesday evening and I would like to say a big hello to all our new committee members and a huge thank you to the past committee who is stepping down. It’s also an exciting time of year getting to know new members of the committee and listen to their exciting fundraising ideas and passion in supporting preschool.

Our adult led focus was animals and their babies; children identified farm animals and their babies and matched them together. Children were able to create and paint animals using small brush painting.

Thank you for adhering to the schools request to be considerate at drop off/pick up due to SATs. Due to this we had no PE.

At Forest School this week we listened to the birds and made nest using big wooden tongs as beaks to pick up grass and leaves and used pinecones as eggs. A message from Kate ‘Please ensure you provide long trousers/leggings in their bag and we will get them changed there are some very tall nettles at Forest School…Thank you.’

The children staying in made pizza using a bread roll, choosing their own toppings from sweetcorn, mushrooms and peppers.

In our music session we chose our favourite songs and used a microphone to sing to the group.

On Friday we had our Royal Wedding Tea Party, children dressed in red, white or blue and bought in and made crowns and tiaras, we made bracelets from coloured pasta, and wrote our names on flags. We had party games and finally a tea party snack under the canopy.

Congratulations Harry and Meghan!

Dates and Reminders

Preschool is closed on Friday due to an inset day. Term begins Monday 4th June.

After half term the Forest School group’s change, Red group will be going out on a Tuesday and Purple and Green on a Thursday. There are still places on our signup sheet to come to Forest School.

We had the photographer in a week ago, he took pictures of the children in black and white in the garden, thank you to Megan who’s volunteered to organise orders and returns. Proofs will be with us after half term.

After half term the children who leaver to go to school will be having their graduation photos with the lovely Eloise a past parent and photographer. All photos purchased a donation is made to preschool.

A date for your calendar;


It’s our annual Children’s Summer Parade. This is a children’s event helped organised by the brilliant Vicky. All children will participate in a superheroes themed event followed by smaller activities run by staff and parents, ending with a party snack. More details to follow once confirmation of venue.

Next week we are covering farm animals and their homes.

Enjoy the sunshine and see you next week

Kind regards

Preschool staff.

04 May 2018 | Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a poorly week we’ve had. We’ve had lots of children and staff off with a nasty bug. Please ensure you follow our policy of 48 hours from the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea, to ensure it doesn’t pass on.

Our adult-led focus was pond life. Children studied the cycle of a frog, ordering and mark making numerals. There was small brush painting of a fish and frog and talking about which animals are found in a pond.

In PE was all about listening and following instructions. We played duck duck goose and sharks and fishes. 

At Forest School this week we were able to do pond dipping, looking at the insects found in the water.

The children staying in did measuring and counting, have a look at our display.

In our music session we chose our favourite songs to sing.

Friday group had musical instruments in the garden and enjoyed painting the shed with water. 

Thank you to all who came and took part in our open sessions for grandparents and carers, mums and dads. It was great to see you all and share what we do.

Dates and Reminders 

The AGM is fast approaching, and a huge thank you to all that have volunteered to take on a committee role. There is a letter going out and a sign-up sheet in Pre-School that needs completing to let us know you are attending the AGM.

Please ensure that your child has a named hat and water bottle it’s going to be hot again this week. 

This week it’s farm vehicles! 

Enjoy the sunshine.

Kind Regards

Pre-School staff


27 April 2018 | Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

What a busy week we’ve had!

I have to say from all the staff and children a big thank you to Ali, Jacob’s mummy who spent all day Wednesday in our garden. Ali moved the tyres around the front of the setting and weeded and moved some stones to improve the ground in the plot at the back of preschool. Thank You Ali You Are Amazing!

Our adult-led focus activity was planting and growing on the farm. Children had the opportunity to create a picture by printing with produce grown on a farm. Some beautiful pictures were produced. Children have also been decorating a farmer and animals for the big display board.

In PE we played simple team games using a balloon to pass over and through the children’s legs finishing off with what’s the time Mr. Wolf.

On Tuesday and Thursday at Forest School children have been looking for signs of spring, the blossom on the trees and had a go at making their own pictures using charcoal and paint. We also had the dinosaurs in the sand a firm favourite. A message from Kate ‘The sign-up sheet is on the door, please sign up and come and visit us at Forest School, it will be great to see you!’ The children staying in made chocolate rice crispy cakes and planted up some runner beans and peas.

On Wednesday in music time we played the game duck duck goose, the hokey cokey and head shoulders knees and toes.

Our Friday group has been busy planting up our herb garden in between the showers.

A big welcome to Hilary who started this week and again has settled well into the Pre-School routine.

Dates And Reminders:

Don’t forget it

Grandparents and Carers Monday 30 April 2-3pm

Muffins for mums Wednesday 2 May 2-3pm

Doughnuts for dads Friday 4 May 2-3pm


A chance for you to come in a share your Child’s/Grandchild’s experiences of Preschool. It would be great to see you!



  • AGM, Tuesday 15 May at 8 pm in Pre-School.
  • Please ensure all drinks bottles are labelled! Thank you.

Next week to pond life.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards

Pre-School Staff


20 April 2018 | Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers

Hope you all had a super Easter break and it’s been great to see you and the children again.

A warm welcome to our new starters Jenson, Alan, Eleanor, Alfie, Isaac, and Ollie who have joined us and look forward to getting to know you and your families.

A big welcome to Jane and Hilary our junior assistants who have joined our Preschool family. It’s been a busy week and Jane has settled in well. Hilary will be starting next week.

From following the children’s interests and their next steps this terms topic is the farm.

Our adult led focus was small world play and making farm animals for our big display board. Children have been super busy and the board is already starting to take shape. Children really enjoyed the small world farm figures, animals and vehicles.

We had our music session outside on Wednesday and the songs were all about the farm!

Forest School and PE start again next week. The Forest School list is on the door going into Preschool. PE on Mondays your child needs a PE kit consisting of a white polo type t-shirt (easier to put on) navy/black shorts and plimsolls. Again please name every item! (You can’t believe how easy clothes/items get lost in Pre-School.)

Dates and Reminders

Don’t forget:

Please provide a named hat and a named water bottle for your child, it has been particularly hot and sunny the last couple of days. Can you also make sure your child has sun cream on before the session and if staying all day a tube/bottle (again named) is in their bag so it can be reapply in the afternoon. We encourage your child to put it on themselves with adult supervision on arms and legs and face.


Grandparents and Carers Monday 30 April 2-3pm

Muffins for Mums Wednesday 2 May 2-3pm

Doughnuts for Dads Friday 4 May 2-3pm


A chance for you to come in a share your Child’s/Grandchild’s experiences of Pre-School. It would be great to see you!



Our AGM is Tuesday 15 May at 8 pm in Pre-School. It’s a great way to find out what’s been going on in Preschool with updates from the Supervisors, Co-Chairs and Treasurer and join our committee of Preschool parents/grandparents. On this note, we still need parents/grandparents to join our committee to work together to maintain Pre-School. As a past parent myself, I started on the Pre-School committee when my children were here. It is a very rewarding job and a great way to make new friends.

Topics for this term

Date Topic
17.04.18 (4 days)


The farm


Planting and growing on the farm


Pond life
08.05.18 (4 days)


Farm vehicles

(Royal Wedding)

Animals and their babies
21.05.18 (4 days)


Animals and their homes


Next week it’s all about planting and growing on the farm. If you have time have a look at the plants the children have been growing at Pre-School.

Enjoy the sunshine and see you all next week.

Kind Regards

Pre-School Staff

Ofsted | Outstanding Status


It is with great pleasure we wish to inform you that following the Ofsted inspection on 13 July 2016,our Pre-School was judged Outstanding across the board. The inspector commented that:

“The pace of change and rate of improvement in the pre-school has been rapid.”

“…the quality of teaching is now outstanding. Children’s different learning needs are meticulously and precisely planned for. As a result, children make excellent progress in their learning and development.”

“Staff work together as an exceptional team. They are dedicated, caring and highly professional. It is clear they consistently go ‘the extra mile’ to make sure every child’s needs are fully met.”

Read the full report here: