Afternoon Sessions

PreschoolSep2015-54-EditMonday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons are open to all children from 2 years of age up to those starting school.

Wednesday and Thursday afternoons are reserved for those children in their final year at Preschool before leaving to go to Primary School.  The aim is to help children with the transition to Primary School by extending the activities already offered at Preschool with more emphasis on formal working in small groups or one-to-one if necessary.

Monday afternoon – PE
For PE the children are encouraged to get themselves changed before walking to the Primary School PE Hall to take part in a range of physical activities.  The children need a named PE kit (blue shorts, white polo shirt and black plimsolls).

Wednesday and Thursday afternoons
For Wednesday and Thursday afternoon sessions, the children are split into 2 groups; one group attends Forest School, whilst the other group stays at Preschool to take part in other activities such as cooking, gardening or music.  They make jam tarts, and cup cakes or plant sunflowers or tomatoes.  The groups then swap for the next term.  Either way the children love these activities and come away with a great sense of achievement at the end.

Friday afternoon
Music and movement happens on Friday afternoons, with the children having a great time dancing and clapping to music.