Sessions, Fees, Application & Registration

The majority of our sessions are known as open sessions and the age range spreads from 2 years up to those starting school.  They are planned around a broad topic for the half term e.g. ourselves, homes, shapes and colour, animals. Each week a sub-topic is introduced e.g. red or triangle, together with a sound and number of the week.

In all sessions we maintain an adult to child ratio of 1:8 for over 3s and 1:4 for under 3s.


Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday
8.50 – 9.20
(0.5 hours)
am session
9.20 – 11.50
(2.5 hours)
  Lunch Club
11.50 – 12.50
(1 hour)
 Lunch Club Lunch Club Lunch Club Lunch Club Lunch Club
 pm session
12.50 – 3.20
(2.5 hours)
PE Forest School

(Last year of preschool only)

 Afternoon session Forest School

(Last year of preschool only)

Afternoon session

Settling In
Before you child starts at Pre-School, our Administrator will send you Registration Pack which includes a ‘Getting to Know You’ section, inviting you to write about your child’s favourite activities, what you would like them to be called, friends they have at Pre-School etc.

The Registration Pack also asks for information, including health and medical conditions that we need to know about at Pre-School.  There are also permission forms that you need to complete.

During the first sessions at Pre-School, parents may wish to stay with their child. Sometimes both parent and child may be upset at saying goodbye. Experience shows that most children recover in minutes and soon become absorbed in their new surroundings, however every child is different and we work with both parent and child to ensure the transition to Pre-School is a happy one. Rest assured that the Supervisor would always contact you if any problem did arise or if your child did not settle.

Key Worker and monitoring progress
Your child will be allocated a key person, a member of staff who will be responsible for monitoring their progress until he/she enters Primary School.
The Key Worker, together with other staff members, will regularly observe and assess your child and will be responsible for keeping an Oxfordshire Foundation Stage Profile of your child whilst they are at Pre-School. Maintaining this profile is one of the government requirements for the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and is designed to monitor whether your child is attaining the Pre-school learning goals.
You can read more in the Early Years Foundation Stage parents’ guide.

Nappies and toilet training
Please provide nappies if your child is not yet toilet trained and we do request that you take away any soiled nappies or clothes at the end of the session.
We are happy to change your child if they have a toilet accident; spare clothes are available at Pre-School, but please do send your own if you think they may be necessary (named please).

Clothing and Footwear
Clothing should be sensible and comfortable. For reasons of safety, no jewellery, scarves, open-toed sandals, crocs or long, flowing dresses should be worn.
Lace-up boots/shoes are very difficult for the children so please try and avoid these for Pre-School.
If it is sunny, please provide a hat for your child and apply sun cream before Pre-School.  All clothing items, especially hats and gloves should be clearly marked with the child’s name.