Lunch Club

preschool2015-46-EditLunch club is run on Monday to Friday from 11.50 – 12.50 (1 hour).

At the start of lunch club all children will be supervised to go to the toilet and wash their hands. The children will then eat their packed lunches together around the tables with the staff. After lunch the children will have an opportunity to play/have quiet time before being picked up or staying for the afternoon session.

What to bring?

Please send the lunch in a chilled, insulated lunch bag. The food cannot be refrigerated at Preschool, but will be placed in a designated area until lunch time. Preschool can not reheat hot meals so please send a picnic style lunch.

The children will have approximately 30 minutes to eat their lunch so please don’t pack a feast!  Lunch bag suggestion:
  • sandwich
  • a piece of fruit
  • a healthy snack (cereal bar, yoghurt and a spoon)
  • Preschool will offer water but feel free to pack a drink (not fizzy)

Parents are encouraged to bring in a labelled water bottle, so that children can have access to water throughout the day.

No sweets or nuts please.  tomatoes and grapes need to be halved

Healthy Eating Policy and Allergies
The children are encouraged not to share food, however as a precaution please avoid sending anything containing nuts. We appreciate that lots of products do not guarantee they that don’t contain traces of nuts. We are not suggesting that you don’t send these, but please take a common sense approach.

You will already have informed us about any allergies through the registration process. Staff will continue to be vigilant in this regard, as they are at snack time.