Morning Sessions

PreschoolSep2015-70-EditMorning sessions are run Monday to Friday for all children aged 2 years up to those starting school.  A typical morning session starts with a period of free play for the children where they can choose between sand play, water play, construction activities, drawing, looking at books or imaginative play.

There are also special activities associated with the topic, number, and sound of the week chosen by a different member of staff each day. The children are always allowed to choose what they wish to do during this period and the adult will support all aspects of their learning through play.

After the children have helped tidy up, they gather in the book corner for a chat about the topic and any news they wish to share with the other children. We also celebrate birthdays at this time and a few special cakes, biscuits or fruit are always welcome.

The children are then given a drink and a snack sitting around the tables. We ask parents to make donations of fruit and/or healthy snacks such as rice cakes, breadsticks, to share.

The children then go out to play in the garden with its climbing frame, sandpit, bikes and a playhouse.  There is an extensive canopy around the pre-school, which allows outdoor play even when it is wet.