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Goring and Cleeve Preschool Privacy Notice

1 Child Protection
1.1          Children’s rights and entitlements
1.2          Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults
1.3          Looked after children
1.4          Child collection & uncollected child
1.5          Missing child
1.6          Online safety, use of mobile phones and cameras
1.7          Whistleblowing policy
1.8          Visitor Information

2 Suitable People
2.1          Employment
2.2          Student placements
2.3          Recruitment

3 Staff Induction & First Aid Training
3.1          Induction of staff, volunteers and managers
3.2          First aid

4 Key Person
4.1          The role of the key person and settling in

5 Staff Child Ratios
5.1          Staffing

6 Health

7 Managing behaviour

8 Safety and suitability of premises, environment and equipment

9 Equal opportunities

10 Information and records policy

11 Finance


Policy Summaries:

As an Early Years Provider, we are regulated by Ofsted and are subject to regular inspections.

If you have any concerns at all regarding the provision at Goring & Cleeve Pre-School, particularly in regard to safeguarding and welfare and the delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage goals, please go to the ‘Contact us’ page on the Ofsted website at:

or call the Ofsted general helpline on 0300 123 1231.

Contact Details
It is essential that we have an emergency telephone number to contact parents or someone else if a parent is not available. You will be asked for this information on the registration form, but it is important that you keep these details up to date and advise us of any changes.

Please let the staff know if someone else will be collecting your child at the end of a session. Full details must be completed in the appropriate book. Or for more permanent arrangements, e.g. regular collection by a nanny or childminder, a letter detailing who will collect.

The supervisors must be informed immediately of any Court Order regarding custody, or access to, your child.

Medication policy
When your child first starts at Pre-School, please advise the supervisors of any problems, medical or otherwise, that may be relevant to the care of your child and of any regular medication that your child takes. Please also inform staff if your child has any allergies or food intolerances.

If your child takes any medication which must be administered during a Pre-School session, parents must complete an Permission to Administer Prescribed Medication form. Click on the link and print or ask any member of staff at Pre-School for a form.

Each different type of medicine requires a separate authorisation and must be brought to Pre-School in the original container in which it was dispensed. Please note, Pre-School staff can only administer prescribed medicines. It is also essential to advise staff if your child has taken any medication that morning before coming to Pre-School.

If a child has not had the medication before it is advised that the parent keeps the child at home for the first 48 hours to ensure no adverse effect as well as to give time for the medication to take effect. Children prescribed antibiotics should be kept at home for at least 48 hours after starting the medication (and longer if advised by the GP).

Illness and accident procedure
The supervisor should be informed if your child is absent with an infectious or contagious illness.

Children suffering from sickness and/or diarrhoea are asked not to attend Pre-School for at least 48 hours after the last bout.

An accident file is kept at Pre-School and any accident occurring during the Pre-School session is recorded on a form, along with the treatment given. The parent/carer will be asked to sign the form to say that they have been informed of the accident. In case of emergency, if the parent/carer cannot be contacted, the appropriate emergency treatment will be carried out.

We also have a “Previous Injury” form to record any injuries which the child has suffered before coming to Pre-School. A parent or guardian will need to sign this.